Management service


R Haldus OÜ provides fair and transparent property management service in Tallinn for the arrangement of the maintenance of commercial real estate and residential buildings. 

Property management means responsibility for the ongoing existence of the real estate, to ensure its physical, legal, economic and social retention via the management and description (documentation) of the application processes.

The management activities in the area of property management are divided as follows:

  • Preparation of the management service of the facility, transfer of the management of the facility
  • Provision of technical maintenance
  • Provision of maintenance services
  • Provision of repairs
  • Provision of information exchange between parties related to the facility
  • Provision of the mediation of services performed by technical systems
  • Provision of support services
  • Provision of additional services required by the owner
  • Other management activities


In order to ensure

  • best price for a certain facility, the property manager has to take advantage of the competition and arrange procurements for the performance of certain works​
  • high-level of quality of the provided work and their compliance to the contract, the property manager has to organise permanent monitoring

 R Haldus arranges all necessary works!

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